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About Us

Bonjour, and thank you for your visit!

My name is Sabrina, and I was born in Paris. I grew up surrounded by amazing food, smells, markets, bakeries, bistros and more. Every happy memory that I have is associated with a good meal, family and friends laughing at the dinner table, some confidences in a kitchen, a kid's face covered with birthday cake. Today, with the help of my husband/chef Nicolas and our wonderful team, I want to bring the taste of good times, conviviality, togetherness to your next event. 

And if you are wondering who Marian is, well, here she is. Marian is the embodiment of the French Republic, the most widely shared representation of the motherland, at times fiery and warlike, at times pacific and nurturing.

And Marian also happens to be my mother, who can very much be described like that!

About Us: About Us

Food à la French

How food & family have always been the most important things 


From a very young age

We learnt to appreciate
food and family time


Cooking and sharing

Around the dinner table

20190609_150103 (2).jpg

And passing on
to the next generation

Our son Logan, 2 years old

About Us: Meet the Team
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